Friday, May 27, 2011

Social Jacking , new way of online attack

Hi Guys ,
                i Introduce Social Jacking , I think you all are first familiar with Click Jacking , this method is used to steal information from user using cross site scripting , similar to that i found an another attack called Social Jacking , It is combination of Social Engineering and Click Jacking , where css absolute positioning property is used to hide all the unwanted elements from the victims page that is displayed using iframe and only button are made to seen and some social engineering tricks are used to make the user to click them .

I had made a small demo by performing clickjacking on google sms channel ,
just try it out , i assure it does not harm your account , before going to the below link you must have logged inside the google account and you must be registered for google sms channel which is a google india labs products , you can register for google sms channel here ,
after that goto the poc

follow the instructions on above link  , soon i will release tutorial video for its design , please post your comment or suggestions here


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